£1 Million Development Fund


We are always looking for ways to improve services, processes and products within our society. Most recently it has been announce that there is a joint £1 million fund in place dedicated to research and development of new technology which will aim to reduce the amount of disruption caused by road works.

This will be an 18 month project and will be carried out by the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL). Over this time period they will closely examine innovative engineering techniques which could see utilities use temporary road surfacing methods and fast-setting replacement road surfaces.

Now you may be wondering why they would allow this, however this would mean that utility companies which tend to our roads could carry out any work around quiet, off-peak times and thus have roads open during peak traffic times reducing the overall time that motorists spend delayed as well as minimising disruption.

We have all been there; you set off wanting to reach a destination and boom! You hit a jam where you find yourself stuck among other motorists trailing along at 2mph or if you’re really unlucky then stuck at a total standstill!

As part of the research it was also confirmed that regulations allowing local authorities to run lane rental schemes is now in progress. This proposal will take place over summer and could be in place for the end of the year should everything be approved and finalised.

These funds have provided vital research into the development of new construction techniques and in the not too distant future we could see more roads open during peak times and more work being carried out during off-peak times.

Research into this area can only prove to be positive; this means that in the not too distant future when you are driving your Intack Self Drive Hire vehicle along our countries roads you won’t find yourself stuck for hours on end unable to reach your destination in time. Instead you can get the most out of our car hire, van hire and minibus hire.

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4th June 2011, 10:46