Bogus Claims Send Car Insurance Premiums Sky High!


Last week we saw a case exposing bogus claims which are resulting in our car insurance premiums being driven sky high. However this was a case which could mark a change in how people deal with claims placed against them.

Most recently Lee Robinson reversed into a stationary taxi which was at traffic lights and although it appeared to be nothing major but rather a minor impact on the cab’s bumper seven months later he received a claim for repairs of £800 and a personal injury claim for whiplash for £2000!

He was then told by his insurance company that he should settle the claim and pay the set amounts however he wanted to challenge the claims. The cab driver that Mr Robinson reversed into was completely unaware that he was in fact a physiotherapist by profession and it was his job to assess whiplash cases on behalf of car insurance companies.

After writing the information down; explaining that on reversing into him at around 5mph the taxi driver couldn’t have received the whiplash which he was claiming to have. He won the case and this has since become a landmark; with so many scams and rip-offs forcing our car insurance premiums up.

Whiplash is a common injury heavily promoted by “no win, no fee” solicitors and lawyers who encourage victims in an accident to make ridiculous and exaggerated claims for personal injury. It is estimated that over 1500 claims are made each day for this type of incident.

Insurance companies just want to settle it and close the claim; however now many more people are being encouraged to challenge them and not just settle. The taxi driver in this case had correct medical assessments and certificates as well as his garage receipts but this shouldn’t have been enough when he merely touched the bumper and caused no damage.

In Mr Robinson challenging what his insurance company said to settle the court heard how the Third Party who is a taxi driver from Dewsbury had already made around four similar claims before. Now he faces legal fees of £5000 and the judge threw the case out of court. This was victory for all those who have not caused serious damage yet have had claims placed against them which are not true or valid.

Mr Hussain refused to comment further on the matter but the case shows that it doesn’t always fall in favour of the alleged victim and where blame has been incorrectly placed you should challenge the alleged claims.

1st February 2012, 8:53