Bumpy ride: potholes not urgent for repair


The highways agency is causing quite a stir at the minute, turning the lights off on some stretches of Britain’s motorways is one thing but announcing that any pothole smaller than 15cm in width is not urgent for repair is in a league of its own!

Following the cold spell where water entered cracks on the road, this water then froze and expanded causing the road surface to crack and a pot hole to form, contractors had to repair road defects within 24 hours of them being reported.

Now though under the new legislation any pothole which is smaller than a soup bowl will not have to be repaired immediately as it has been deemed not urgent.

On average the damage caused to cars by potholes costs £430 million per year, so surely leaving this problem will only make this figure increase. Intack Self Drive are all too familiar with damage caused to our fleet of vehicles for hire through stone chipping, potholes and other unrepaired road issues.

Already these rules have been implemented on many roads on the UK; it will be fully implemented on motorways and then trunk roads by 2015. You don’t need us at Intack to tell you that there has been a rise in the number of potholes on our roads. These have been caused by harsh winters and general underinvestment in road repairs.

Concerns have been raised that in an attempt to save money the Highways Agency has simply put road users at risk. In addition to this though we are simply leaving repair issues to get worse and this will end up costing more in the grand scale of things.

30th September 2011, 9:16