Crash for Cash Gang Found In Blackburn


Five men and one woman admitted to be involved in an accident at Whitebirk roundabout in Blackburn close to junction six of the M65.

They were actually a group of friends who had hatched a plan – a sick plan in order to carry out what is known as a crash-for-cash scam to get a few pennies in their pockets.

Insurance officers who were investigating the claim noticed a number of inconsistencies within their claims and it was these which led to further investigations and a representation at Preston Crown Court.

The gang all pleaded guilty to fraud by false representation and even more investigations have been made to see if they are involved within anymore crash-for-cash scams within Blackburn.

Other organisers of crash for cash normally get unsuspecting motorists to smash into the back of them but the ringleaders pre-planned and crashed into one another in order to get a quick cash payout and the other gang members claimed to be passengers in the cars and put in for bogus personal injury claims – all were rejected. The alleged crash took placed on April 18th 2008 but they were not arrested until March 2010.

Crash-for-cash and other scams alike are costing genuine insurance premium customers up to £45 per year on their policy. Working closely with Insurance Fraud Bureau means that criminals such as these six will be found and will be prosecuted. Not only are the scams dangerous they are putting innocent motorists at risk.

Last year the crash-for-cash scheme was again highlighted in Burnley where Two brothers were involved in a £2million scam. Their North West Claims Ltd rogue firm staged more than 80 collisions which were all fictional and since then the pair have received 11 years in prison. November 14th 2010 will see the sentencing of these six at Preston Crown Court.

13th October 2011, 7:00