Frequently Asked Questions


We've tried to include as much information as possible in the website however here are some FAQ's we might not have answered.

  • Can you deliver the vehicle to me?
    • We do offer a local pick up service in which we will collect you from your home/work address and bring you into the office, please note that we only offer this service during weekday office hours. 
  • Can i leave my car when I hire a vehicle?
    • Yes, we have a carpark were vehicles can be left at owners risk.
  • Can I return a vehicle after the offices close?
    • Yes. The gates are open until 8pm for returns, a valeter will be on site Monday - Friday to hand the keys to, however if vehicle is returned Saturday or Sunday please drive vehicle into bottom yard, lock it and post keys through the secure key chute on the front left hand side of the office door.
  • Does the deposit have to be paid on my credit/debit card?
    • The deposit can be paid on a credit or debit card but we do ask that it is in the drivers name.
  • How long does it take for the deposit to clear back on to my card?
    • The deposit is placed on hold as a preauthorisation, the preauth can last for between 5 and 7 working days before funds are released.
  • I have penalty points on my licence, can i still hire a vehicle?
    • We can accept up to 6 points for certain offences, if you have any points please confirm with the rental operator when booking your vehicle.
  • What are your age restrictions for hiring vehicles?
    • All drivers need to be over 25 yrs old with 12 months driving experience for cars and vans with the exception of large cars where drivers have to be over 30 years old.
    • For Minibuses (9 - 14 str) drivers over 25yrs old with 2 years drving experience, for 17str minibus all drivers need to have passed driving test before Jan 1997 and have the D1 category on their licence. 
  • Where can I find your current price list?
  • Do I need to leave a security deposit?
    • A deposit of £500.00 is required on credit/debit card which is reduced to £100.00 deposit if the Loss Damage Waiver is taken. 
  • Can i reduce the Insurance Excess?
    • We offer a Loss Damage Waiver which reduces the vehicles excess to £95.00, please see the table below:​​
Vehicle Type Excess Level 1 Excess with Level 2 Cost of LDW 1-3 Days Cost of LDW 4-6 Days Cost of LDW 7 Days Plus
All Cars £750 £95 £9.90 p/d £8.90 p/d £59.90 p/w
All Vans & Minibuses £1,000 £95 £14.90 p/d £12.90 p/d £79.90 p/w
  • Can I take a vehicle overseas?
    • We do allow cars, vans (up to Luton) and 9str minibuses overseas, please call or email with your trip details including date and vehicle requirements for a quote.
  • How much fuel is in a vehicle when I take it and what is the fuel policy?
    • The vehicle will be full of fuel on collection and we do ask that the vehicle is returned full, we can fill the vehicle on return but please be aware that our fuel prices are above that of the petrol station.
  • Can I use my own insurance?
    • Yes, the vehicle can be covered fully comprehensively on your own insurance, for all vehicles taken on customers own insurance a 20% discount will be applied. Please email a copy of insurance prior to collecting the vehicle.
  • Do I need a special Driving Licence to drive a minibus?
    • For 9str, 12str and 14str minibuses all drivers need to be over 25yrs old with over 2yrs driving experience, for 17str minibus driver must have passed their driving test before Jan 1997 or have the D1 category on licence.
  • Do you provide One way hires?
    • No, All vehicles do need to be collected from and returned to our depot in Blackburn, we could however collect the vehicle from your home/work address if you are local and it is during weekday office hours.
  • Where do I collect the vehicle from?
    • We are based in Blackburn, Lancashire all vehicles do need to be collected from and returned to Blackburn.