Ford Reveals Drivers Worst Habits

Ford has carried out a survey on a selection of British motorists and has found that there is some uneasiness facing our motorists behind the wheel.

There seems to be a gender split; whilst women believe themselves to be the safest drivers only one in five males have said they are safer behind the wheel.

Both males and females have admitted that they have some highly dangerous driving habits but generally speaking women are safer drivers than men. This has been proven through various research and is said to occur because women actually take fewer risks.

Most worryingly though is the thought that 67% of drivers believe if they had to take their driving test again today they wouldn’t pass or would struggle to pass. However it doesn’t stop there, this thought is highest in those who have only just passed their driving tests with 73% of 17-24 year olds not confident of passing their driving test again should they have to take it.

If you are aged 17-24years old and are male then listen up! You actually fall into the high risk driver category and are involved in proportionately more accidents.

What causes dangerous driving?

One of the most dangerous yet most common occurrences within dangerous driving is actually texting which even goes as far as posting comments on social network sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Currently there are around 10% of motorists who admit to texting whilst on the move; this figure doubles though amongst 17 to 24 year olds.

Here is the top list of distracting and highly dangerous habits of motorists we wonder how many of these you as a motorist carry out:

  • Texting 10%
  • Updating social networks 10%
  • Changing the CD or radio 60%
  • Driving with one hand 40%
  • Eating and drinking on the move 30%
  • Driving when tired 20%
  • Talking on a handheld mobile phone 10%

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21st October 2011, 12:56