French Law Requires Drivers to Carry a Breathalyser


A new law which has been introduced and will be put into operation from 1st July 2012 will mean that all drivers on French roads will have to carry a personal breathalyser kit in their vehicle this is important because many of our vehicles for hire can be taken abroad.

You can have the single use kit variety and they are going to be made available at all channel crossings and will cost a driver around £1-£2. If you are stopped and you do not have your own personal breathalyser kit in your car then you will be fined by the French authorities.

This is a big step and very different to those within the UK however, France has always had stricter restrictions than us:

  • France, legal alcohol limit of 50mg per 100ml
  • UK, legal alcohol limit of 80mg per 100ml

The new law concerning the breathalyser is France’s attempt at decreasing the number of accidents which arise because of drink driving and drivers who are over the limit. Their lower alcohol limit means that many will still be over the limit to drive in the morning following a heavy drinking session the night before.

Many people have argued that this measure should be adopted across the board and by other countries in order to eradicated drink driving and drivers taking to the wheel of their vehicle when in reality they are over the limit.

If you are taking a vehicle abroad then there are certain items you must carry, to establish which items are required there are plenty of online resources like The AA and the RAC as part of the rental fee Intack Self Drive provide some items which are required for a large proprotion of EU countries (See below) however it does not include some items which are required in some countries ie Fire Extinguishers are required in Denmark however we do not supply these, it is the drivers responsibility to make sure they have the correct equipment.

Equipment supplied

  • 2 X High-Visibility Vest
  • 2 X Warning Triangles
  • Replacement Light Bulb kit
  • Beam benders
  • 2 X Single use breathalysers

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2nd July 2012, 14:46