Fuel Saving with Car Hire


With the cost of buying a car proving too expensive for some people who may only use the vehicle for say one or two days a week, car hire has become more and more popular.

Intack Self Drive have some fantastic prices on our car hire,  whether it be for small car, medium car or much larger estate type car we have exactly what you need at Intack. For vehicle hire our prices which can be seen in our price guide are inclusive of VAT, Insurance, 24hr Breakdown cover and unlimited mileage except one day hire on our cars and minibuses.

Take a look at our top tips on how you can save petrol:

  • Maintenance

Regular servicing to maintain engine efficiency

Check tyre pressures regularly

  • Before you go

Lose weight - empty the boot

Streamline - roof racks and boxes

Don't get lost - plan unfamiliar journeys

Combine short trips - cold starts are inefficient

  • On the way

Don't start the engine until you're ready to go

Drive smoothly, accelerate gently, anticipate

Decelerate smoothly by releasing the accelerator in time, leaving the car in gear

Rolling - keep the car moving if possible

Change gear without labouring engine - change up at 2,500 rpm in a petrol car

Cut down on the air-con

Turn off heaters, demisters, headlights

Stick to the speed limit

In a queue, turn the engine off if it looks like you could be waiting for more than three minutes

For more information regarding our car hire, van hire, truck hire and minibus hire then contact us on 01254 970027 or email reservations@intack.co.uk.

21st March 2011, 13:44