High Cost of Car Insurance Could Be Cut!


It has been revealed that the overall cost of car insurance could be cut if the Government put some form of restraints on subjective whiplash injury claims. It is a well known fact that we are living in a claims culture when it comes to personal injury.

The Transport Select Committee are now stating that any person who wish to make a claim that they have suffered whiplash injury should be made to provide much more evidence that they are in fact injured. In addition to this MPs would like insurers to be banned from selling on any customer information.

What is whiplash?

This is a common injury which is caused by a sudden distortion of the neck and is associated with neck extension. Usually it occurs in motor vehicle accidents following a sudden shunt to the back of the vehicle. It can easily be outlined as one of the main injuries covered by car insurers with around 554,000 whiplash claims made in just 2010-2011!

Unfortunately if you are a genuine victim of a car crash and have suffered a whiplash injury you may suffer from neck pain and stiffness in your neck, headaches, shoulder pain and stiffness in the shoulders, dizziness, fatigue, pain in the jaw, back pain, arm pain, arm weakness and visual disturbances.

Who is to blame?

It has been claimed that a combination of insurers, solicitors and claims management companies are to blame for driving up the costs of motor premiums by encouraging people to make a claim for personal injury, car hire and other legal costs.

Here are two facts which give a pretty good insight as to why our motor premiums have risen recently:

70% rise in motor insurance injury claims in the past six years but a 23% drop in the number of casualties actually caused by a road accident.

554,000 whiplash claims made in 2010-2011 and because whiplash diagnosis is subjective it can be extremely costly for an insurer to challenge.

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) agreed that the payment of referral fees should be banned and along with this something should be done to restrict whiplash claims although the insurance company would have to prove that they do not have whiplash and unfortunately this is something which is extremely hard to do.

With the spiralling costs of motor insurance soon people are not going to be able to afford to drive! It is about time that the Government got a hold of these spiralling costs and did something to try and eradicate these as well as finding a way where whiplash claimants can be proven to actually have this medical condition rather than just claim too.

16th January 2012, 17:16