iAccident® App to Outsmart Claims Industry


Intack Self Drive vehicle hire have wrote quite a few articles concerning “Crash for Cash” and the growing compensation culture and how it is affecting our insurance premiums.

The announcement that the government has just announced that personal injury referral fees will be banned has been a step in the right direction. However recently there has been a brand new smartphone app called iAccident®

This fantastic app will enable claimants at the scene of an accident to immediately capture the key information they need to validate their own legitimate claims and also to help protect themselves against fraudsters.

Obviously as mentioned the app is being launched under the brand iAccident however this is also available in white label so that industries within this field can distribute it to their customers with their own branding, contact details and other company information.

The aim behind iAccident was to make it as user-friendly as possible through incorporation of GPS. If you crash then the app provides the tools to be able to catch all right information direct at the scene. You can choose to submit your report instantly or later on, consumers submit their report to either their own insurer or iAccident can deal with it on their behalf.

With the compensation culture proving worrying for many who wouldn’t dream of making a false claim then iAccident is fantastic at putting the consumer in direct control of their claim. The plan is to get a large group of people using iAccident as a way of undermining unscrupulous operators to put them out of business and also to start controlling insurance costs.

We would need insurance companies to respond to the iAccident app by decreasing the cost of premiums. Accidents are often traumatising for the people involved and yet we are expected to remember and share important details whilst in this shaken up state. Key details are often incorrect or even forgotten and so now you can rely on iAccident to take you through step by step everything you need without you having to think about it.

iAccident could make the difference in how your claim is dealt with.

13th February 2012, 9:07