Intack issue a warning about car clocking


Shocking figures recently released has shown that one in thirty nine cars have actually had their mileage changed, known as car clocking this is the deliberate alteration of the car’s odometer reading so that the total mileage that the car has covered is actually minimised.

As a whole it has been calculated that car clocking costs consumers around £500 million per year! Intack have worked within the vehicle industry for some time now and have heard of some horrific stories concerning people who have bought a car only to find out that the mileage has been altered.

Car Clocking is not actually illegal, in fact in some cases it may well be necessary to actually carry out. Faults with an odometer mean that an incorrect mileage is recorded and this may have to be altered although this is extremely rare.

The advancement with technology means that it has now become easier to effectively “car clock” and so much so it has become easier to make this less noticeable. Although it is not illegal it becomes illegal when selling the car, any person wishing to sell a car which has had its mileage altered actually has to disclose this information.

However, even though they have to disclose this information car dealerships will try and fit this into tiny disclaimers in the usual small print. They don’t really want to disclose this in a noticeable way so always make sure that you read everything, inclusive of the small print.

Look for a disclaimer stating that the mileage is incorrect, some disclaimers include “Checks are being carried out to verify the mileage recorded on this odometer and it must currently be considered incorrect” this will feature on a vehicle which is displayed for sale but enquiries are being made. However sometimes checks can be made and no results achieved it is at this point when you will see a disclaimer similar to, “we have been unable to verify the mileage recorded on this odometer and it must be considered incorrect”.

An odometer which has a mileage reading known to be incorrect will have a certain disclaimer which fully states any information which is known about the mileage, “the mileage recorded on this odometer is incorrect the actual distance travelled by this vehicle is XXX miles”.

The government state that current laws in place are adequate, even though the shocking figures released show £500 million costs per year to consumers. Advice from Intack is to thoroughly check a vehicle, the documents and the small print before purchasing.

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14th June 2011, 15:15