Intack Issue Winter Warning


Already the temperatures have dropped and it is starting to get pretty chilly. The other morning was the first time that many had to defrost their cars and this is the official signal than winter is on its way! Intack vehicle hire would like to issue a winter warning to help drivers to prepare.

It has been announced that this year we will see the worst road conditions in decades! The combination of harsh winter weather which is expected, combined with road maintenance budget cuts will cause havoc on many of our UK roads. A massive 80% of councils have experienced a road maintenance budget reduction.

We advise motorists to have a simple check under their bonnets! The biggest single cause of winter breakdowns are flat batteries; ensure you have them checked as batteries have a habit of failing in the cold and damp conditions and last winter a single breakdown company attended 160,000 breakdown incidents which were caused by flat batteries.

Last year the wintery conditions took many drivers by surprise; make sure you know how to drive safely in the ice and snow and also think about additions to your vehicle which could aid you.

Intack Self Drive will be vigilantly checking our cars for hire, minibuses for hire and our vans for hire to ensure that they are fully prepared for our customers to use throughout the winter period. The number of breakdowns double in winter resulting in people having to wait around, we do not want this to be any of our customers which is why vehicle maintenance is of top priority.

Every single day nine people die on the UK roads, throughout winter the usual hazards are accentuated and thus motoring requires a little extra care. If you have somewhere to go you should allow extra time to get their as with icy and snowy conditions sometimes journeys can take twice as long.

Here are some essentials you should have in your car this winter:

  • Emergency Food & Water supply in case you get stuck somewhere
  • Warm clothing and blankets in case you have to step out the car for a length of time in the cold. Ideal for use are foil blankets which help you stay warm!
  • Snow shovel to help you get out of deep snow.
  • Torch just in case it is dark and you breakdown at night.
  • Hi-Visibility jackets so that other motorists can see you.
  • Windscreen scraper for snow and ice removal.
  • De-icer.
  • Spare mobile phone battery or an in-car charger to make sure your not broken down with no form of contact to call for help.
  • Always ensure that you have a half tank of petrol in the winter month at all times which will mean you won’t be caught short if you do get caught in traffic.

For more information then please contact Intack on 01254 970027 or email

9th December 2011, 8:45