Jeremy Clarkson to be New Voice of Tom Tom


"At the roundabout please take the third exit onto A678"

The majority of us will have at some point listened to the well spoken lady or man associated with a Sat Nav device. However, these soothing tones are soon to be ruined as Tom Tom has announced that Jeremy Clarkson is soon to be the new voice of their Sat Nav devices and he will be barking orders at them as they try and work out what direction to head in!

Could this prove to be dangerous though?

It has been said that there will be a number of nail biting instructions which will mean rather than being told to perform a u-turn drivers will in fact be told to perform a handbrake turn – or so it is claimed!

The Jeremy Clakson Voice for the new Tom Tom is set to be launched next month and in addition to Jeremy you will also get the chance to switch it to Stig mode...

Although we are not sure what this will entail since he is the famous racing driver who everyone wants to know who he is yet he never speaks – but it has been announced that this feature will turn off Jeremy’s voice if his ranting and raving and silly manoeuvres become too much.

Ideally Tom Tom hopes that this deal with Jeremy Clarkson and BBC Worldwide will prove extremely popular amongst all those Top Gear fans out there. Watched in over 170 countries around the globe it certainly has potential to take off!

Even though it is watched in over 170 countries you just can’t help but bite your nails when Jeremy makes one of his politically incorrect outbursts! Now though Clarkson will be joining a whole host of celebrities who have had their voices added to Sat Nav devices:

  • Ozzy Osbourne
  • Snoop Dogg
  • James Bond
  • Roger Moore

These have all contributed to Tom Tom devices and we hope that the new Jeremy Clarkson Tom Tom Voice will be a huge hit. Watch this space! – or rather...

Turn left in 300 yards!

20th September 2011, 11:11