“Movember” at Intack


Many people will have heard of the term “Movember” which usually arises late October time. Intack Self Drive decided to get onboard and take “Movember” into our own hands. Never mind vehicle hire although highly important, this month was all about the facial hair!

You think of the term “Movember” and along with it you see ridiculous looking moustaches and facial hair sprouting up on thousands of men’s faces within the UK – you wouldn’t be that far off but in reality it goes much further than this.

It isn’t a joke between males; it is a campaign in order to raise funds and awareness about men’s health and items such as prostrate cancers along with other cancers which affect them.

The idea of “Movember” is that you do not shave from November 1st to November 31st! People sponsor the “Movember” males to grow their facial hair and the funds raised within the UK support two specific cancers:

  • Prostrate
  • Testicular Cancer

Last year a massive 112,000 men and women got involved known as Mo Bros and Mo Sistas either growing their facial hair or for the women showing their support to the men in their lives.

Just from one month of men growing their facial hair and women supporting the campaign £11.7 million was raised in the UK alone. On a global scale across the world £106 million has been raised in total.

Intack wanted to take part and we managed to raise as much as possible so far we have raised £298, there's still time to donate so please just follow the link and Donate to Intack Movember Team

For more details contact us on 01254 970027 or email reservations@intack.co.uk.

2nd December 2011, 10:24