Renault’s Zero Emission Vans and Cars

Renault’s new range of zero emission fully-electric vans and cars are very much under way, it has been announced that British Gas is going to be the preferred supplier of the vehicle charging points.

British Gas will therefore supply and install a number of car charge points within homes, businesses and other locations across the county. Later this year the Kangoo Van Z.E will be released and this will then be followed by the range of electric cars.

In just 9 years, 2020 it is expected that electric vehicles will account for 10% of vehicles sold within the UK. It costs around £995 including VAT for a domestic installation charging point; this is safer than plugging the vehicle into a home electrical system and cuts charging time too!

There will be an electricity tariff introduced and so electric vehicle owners could annually save £1200 compared to those who own a petrol car. This tariff is in trial currently and will be made fully available at the beginning of 2012.

Electrical vehicles has a market which is growing fast, British Gas has a national network of electrical engineers, electricity supply business, solar panel businesses and roll out of smart meters thus they are well placed to be at the forefront of this market.

Described as the electrical revolution Renault is leading the pack, selecting British Gas for their strength of service network, quality and competitiveness as well as their control and strength in marketing it would seem for now that this relationship can only be a strong one.

4th July 2011, 12:13