'Stealth' Motorway cameras to be introduced

speed cam

In a bid to catch speeding motorists, the Highways Agency is planning to roll out 'stealth' speed cameras across busy stretches of the UK's motorway network.

So called 'stealth' cameras - for they will be grey and not the customary bright yellow, are to be used on some of the busiest stretches on the M1, M6 and M25.

Currently sections of the M25 and M40 operate variable speed limits, Julie Townsend, deputy chief executive of Brake, the road safety charity, said: "Speed cameras are an extremely well evidenced, cost-effective way to improve safety and reduce deaths and injuries on roads where they are placed, preventing families going through the trauma of a sudden bereavement or life-changing injury.

"Put simply: speed cameras reduce speeding, which helps to prevent deadly crashes. Breaking the speed limit is risky and illegal, so only drivers who break the law will face fines."

However, the planned changes are not without its critics. Roger Lawson, a spokesman for the Alliance of British Drivers (ABD), said: “We are opposed to speed cameras in general. The evidence of their success in promoting safety is not good and in reality what is happening now is that the police are using speed cameras to fund their other activities through speed awareness courses.”

He added: “If these cameras are grey rather than yellow they are going to be harder to spot and so will have no impact in slowing traffic down. If there is a good reason for the traffic to be slowed down then the cameras need to be as visible as possible.”

Author: Prohire Team

6th February 2014, 11:06