The new budget and its effects

Demanding answers from those in power, car leasing companies such as Intack Self Drive needed to know the rates for taxation that would be applied throughout the vehicle’s period of ownership or lease. The ongoing rise in fuel prices as well as uncertainty surrounding company car benefit-in-kind this industry wants some answers.

They need some certainty, rates have already been announced for 2011/12 and then for 2012/13 but employees who are making the decision now about whether they should or shouldn’t get themselves a company car remain very much in the dark as to how much they will fork out in tax from April 06, 2013.

A three year cycle of BiK rates used to occur so that drivers knew where they stood however this has not now been the case. Staff who are currently leasing vehicles have no idea on taxation on their vehicle that they would still be driving in the year 2013/14.

Intack Self Drive has a range of vehicles for contract hire, our contracts can be specifically tailored to your individual needs, options are available to you like whether you would like the contract to include maintenance or not.

There is a monthly payment which is fixed, means that you are in control there are no nasty surprises, the amount remains the same each and every month. If you only have a requirement for the vehicle for a select amount of time then you can even adjust your contract length to suit.

At the end of the contract simply return your vehicle to us here at Intack, having had dedicated support throughout the whole contract period from our experienced staff then we hope that you will be returning the car then discussing your next car hire, van hire or mini bus hire with us.

For more information regarding out contract hires then call us on 01254 970027 or email

24th March 2011, 11:22