Tips On Van Hire When Moving House


For anyone who is moving house it can be extremely stressful process from actually handing the house over, packing all your life into little boxes and then moving these to the new house and unloading. It can be even more confusing when deciding what van you will require to actually move all your stuff. With vehicle hire options from Intack and a whole range of vans in various shapes and sizes which one should you chose? We are going to outline how you select the best van for the job!

Think logically, how big is your house and how much stuff are you actually taking with you? it is fairly reasonable to suggest that all the contents of your home will not fit into a van in one trip and so there may need to be more than one trip made. By being reasonable and selecting the right size van you can minimise additional trips having to be made if you select a van that in reality is too small.

If it is your first house and you only need to move a small load and a few boxes of things that are not going to fit into a car but you need to transport then you need to take a look at our small vans. These are highly suited for this type of task and have an approximate load area of around 1.7 metres long by 1.5 metres wide and1.2 metres tall. They can hold around 600kg in capacity too and we have some of the best prices for hire.

Now in reality you may have a bit more than a few bits and bobs in boxes and so you may want to consider something a little big bigger. What you need to look at is one of our short wheel base vans or as they are known the SWB van for hire. The ones we have on offer have a side loading door along with the back doors and restraint hooks for securing your load. This van offers you the full height but still remains shorter in length compared to a long wheel base van and thus are easier to manoeuvre. The load area of a SWB van is approximately 2.5 metres long by 1.5 metres wide and 1.6 metres tall. They will hold around 1000kg in capacity and are the next step up from a small van.

Next up is the long wheel base vans or LWB vans for hire as they are known. We currently have two variations of a long wheel base vans:
LWB High Top Van
LWB Jumbo Panel Van
The LWB High Top Vans offers to you a lot more head height for taller items whilst the LWB Jumbo Panel Van offers you more space to load wider objects into the van. The dimensions of these are approximately 3.4 metres long by 1.7 metres wide and 1.7 metres tall, however the LWB Jumbo has an extra long load space at 4.2M long . They can comfortably carry 1000kg in capacity and they are perfect for moving large bulky items.

The next in the queue is the Luton Box Van with Tail Lift and these are a popular choice because they have a box area which stretches over the cabin and this means the wheel arches do not protrude into the van and so the loading space inside is a lot larger. The tail lift means that you can simply place your fridge freezer, washing machine and any other furniture onto the platform and lift it up into the back of the van at ease without the need for any strenuous lifting.

Once you know which van is right for you then you need to ensure that you pack it properly to ensure that your items are transported without being damaged. Our top tip is to load the heaviest items first and then place the large items around the outside edges working your way towards the centre of the van. Ensure items are packed in as tightly as possible and secured with restraints or rope so they do not move around.

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5th January 2012, 17:30