What Do I Need for Vehicle Hire?


Although companies differ in what they will require from a driver who is looking at vehicle hire, Intack Self Drive make it all a pretty simple process for our customers. We are always getting asked what it is you need in order to make a successful booking.

More often than not we have people turning up to collect say a car for hire, minibus for hire or even a van for hire and we have to turn them down because they do not have the correct documentation with them.

Before we let any customer take advantage of our fantastic vehicles for hire we need the following items:

Driving Licence: This must be current, valid and if this is the new photo card licence then we do need to see both the card and the counter-part before we can hire a vehicle out to you. Believe it or not without both parts of your licence, the photo card and the A4 part then the licence isn’t actually complete.

Proof of Address: We need our customers to bring along a recent utility bill or a bank statement to prove their address. This bill or bank statement must have their name on the letter and must be dated within the last three months otherwise we cannot accept it.

Signature ID: This part can be shown very easily on a Credit card. The name of the front of the card must correspond to the name on the driving licence and also on the proof of address document otherwise we are unable to accept this and process your request.

Credit Card: All of our deposits for van hire, car hire, truck hire and minibus hire must be paid for by a credit card.

For more information then please contact Intack Self Drive on 01254 970027 or email reservations@intack.co.uk


20th January 2012, 10:45