4 useful checks to make for your upcoming May Bank Holiday

4 useful checks to make for your upcoming May Bank Holiday

If you’re planning on a trip this year for your May Bank Holiday, it probably won’t surprise you to learn that you’re not alone! After a months-long lockdown, countless people across the UK are raring to get out and enjoy some new scenery. However, for obvious reasons, things still aren’t quite as simple and easy as they have been in previous years. So if you’re one of the many planning to use car hire or van hire to get your family out and about for this year’s May Bank Holiday, here are a couple of checks that it’s a good idea to make in advance. 

Check what venues and accommodations are open and book ahead

As we covered in our recent post about changing travel rules, not all destinations will necessarily have been able to open with the recent 12th of April date. There could be all sorts of reasons for this - they might not be financially ready, or they might not be able to guarantee sufficient social distancing within their premises, or they might be understaffed. 
Therefore, if you can book ahead for specific trips or activities, it’s worth doing that, but if not then make sure to do some careful research in advance about the general situation in your intended destination. A seaside town where all the shops and attractions are closed, for example, is probably not going to be all that much fun - or if it is, it probably won’t be a very distinctive experience. Similarly, many British towns draw tourists through a couple of major activities or sites of interest - so if they’re all closed, you might find that you’ve travelled an awfully long way for nothing. Trust us, it’s worth booking when you can, and checking back just before you travel there. 

How crowded will it be? 

This is probably not something that’s ever been a huge concern for your previous holidays, but it’s something that you should probably take into account this time around. Crowds might not be quite so worry-inducing as they were just mere months ago, since there’s now a much lower chance of either you or your family being actually exposed to coronavirus. However, large crowds might impact your ability to go certain places or do certain things, as the majority of venues will be subject to strict limits on their capacity. 
That might not necessarily be a bad thing, though - you can think of it as an opportunity to steer yourself away from some of the most popular tourist destinations, and discover parts of the UK you might not have ever seen before. We’ve got one or two suggestions ourselves! 

Check the forecast and temperature for your destination

If we’re lucky enough to have a warm and sunny day, you might prefer to spend that with a relatively calm and lazy day in the heat. If the weather is going to be a little more brisk, however, it’s probably a good idea to keep yourself and your family more active instead, so that you can more easily fend off the cold. The weather might be the difference between a picnic in the park, and a bracing walk on the beach. If it’s looking a little colder and rainier on the other hand, it’s a good idea to think about that in advance, and whether there are any nearby activities or indoor venues that you can enjoy without having to worry about staying too wrapped up. 

Changing government regulations

The British government have made it clear that they’d prefer not to have to re-impose any rules or restrictions. However, unpre­dic­ta­bility has been one of the hallmarks of this crisis ever since it began, so it’s still probably wise to keep some level of flexibility in your plans. Check your bookings not just well before the day itself, but give the plans for your day one last glance-over before the weekend too, so that you can keep abreast of any last minute emergency announcements or rule changes.
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