Leading Vehicle Hire Company Covering Nelson

As the leading vehicle hire company covering Nelson, we have around 50 years of experience and more than 300 vehicles to choose from here at Intack Self Drive. Throughout five decades in business, we’ve specialised in supplying vans, minibuses and cars for daily, weekly, short-term and long-term hire. During that time, we’ve built up a solid reputation for truly unbeatable prices. We’re open 7 days a week, including 9am to 5pm on Sundays, so whatever your reasons for wanting to hire a car or van near Nelson, you can always expect a brilliant range of choice and a flawless customer service to boot.

And if you need to keep your vehicle for a little longer, that’s no problem either - that’s exactly what our Flexi Hire service is for. We’ve designed it to let you hire a car, van or minibus for longer periods at reduced rates, which makes it an excellent cost-effective alternative to contract hire.

Low Cost Van Hire covering Nelson

So, you may be wondering, what can we offer you when it comes to van rental around Nelson? Well, lots! We know that price is always going to be one of your biggest priorities, which is why we make sure to offer highly competitive rates here at Intack Self Drive. You can take your pick between plenty of vans in a wide variety of makes, models, and sizes, such as the eternally popular Ford Transit, Volkswagen Transporter, and Citroen Berlingo. Whether you need a short wheelbase van to move modest loads from one job site to another, or you need a long wheelbase van to get heavier and bulkier loads items across longer distances, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for here at Intack.

And if you’ve got any questions, or you need a bit of clarification on anything, our experts will be only too happy to help. With around half a century of experience behind us in serving private and commercial customers alike, you can trust us to have all the answers and information you’re looking for.

Leading Car Rental Services covering Nelson

When you come to hire a car for Nelson, you can expect to find a wide range of choice, great prices, and excellent customer service. We’ve got cars to suit all purposes, budgets and environments, from manuals to automatics, large luxury cars to nimble city cars. Whatever you’re planning on driving, and whatever the reasons why, you can count on us to have exactly what you need.

And if you need any extra help or advice for narrowing down your prices, our experts are here to help. We’ve got about 50 years of experience behind us in helping private and commercial customers alike with all their car hire needs, so you can always rely on us to have all the knowledge and expertise you’ll need.

Flexi Car & Van Hire covering Nelson

Our flexi car hire and flexi van hire services are designed with one key aim in mind, and that’s to give you the freedom to hire a vehicle for a longer period that suits you. And of course, all while enjoying a reduced rate compared to daily or weekly car hire prices. The minimum hire period is just 28 days, so as soon as that’s elapsed, you’ve got the freedom to return the vehicle whenever you’re ready.

This way, you get to dodge the hefty short term costs that are often associated with regular leases, and you’re not tied into any restrictive long-term agreements. Our prices start from only £49 per week, which accounts for all service and maintenance costs, the manufacturer’s warranty, and 24 hour breakdown cover - so you can rest assured that we’ve got you covered when you’re out on the roads.

Whether you’re a private customer looking to keep yourself on the move, or business customer looking for a fleet vehicle, or flexible van hire to get cargo (or people from A to B), you can rely on us to provide the best prices and a truly unrivalled service.

FAQs section

Below, we’ve listed a few quickfire answers to some of the most common questions we’re often asked - you can find more over on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

What happens when I bring a rental car back early?

If you find that you’ve got no further use for your vehicle but you’ve still got some time left on the contract, then we can provide a refund on any days you’ve got left to use, once you bring it back to our depot. Similarly, if you’re using our Flexi Hire service, you can return the vehicle at any point after the first 28 days have passed. (That’s why it’s FLEXible!)

What do I need to hire a rental car?

You only need a few documents to hire a car. These include:

  • A valid photocard licence (like a photocard driving licence or passport)
  • A valid credit or debit card
  • At least one proof of address, dated within the last 3 months

If you’ve hired from us, you’ll only need to bring one proof of address. However, if you’ve moved since the last time you hired from us, or you’re a new customer entirely, then you’ll need to bring two. They’ll both need to be dated within the last 3 months.

Can I rent a car with only cash?

No. We’ll spare you a detailed and tedious explanation of the full reasons why, but basically we can’t because of our legal obligations and the financial security implications. Therefore, we’ll need payment on a car in the driver’s name for the deposit (at least), and preferably for both the deposit and hire charges.