Leading Vehicle Hire Company in Chorley

With over 45 years of experience and a fleet of over 300 vehicles to choose from here at Intack Self Drive, we are the leading vehicle hire company in Chorley. We provide a huge range of vans, cars and minibuses at truly unbeatable prices, so you can save money on daily or weekly hire, short term or long term hire. Whatever your reasons for hiring a vehicle in Chorley, you can trust us to have exactly the kind of vehicle you’re looking for, and an excellent customer service to match. 

If you’re looking for great rates on longer term hires, we’ve got just the thing. Our Flexi Hire service is a fantastic cost-effective alternative to contract hire, designed to let you hire a car, van or minibus at longer periods - and all at reduced rates compared to daily or weekly hire. 

Low Cost Van Hire in Chorley

When you choose us for van hire in Chorley, you can take your pick from our fleet of 300 vehicles. We provide highly competitive rates on both short and long-term van rentals, encompassing a broad range of sizes and models from a variety of global manufacturers, including Renault, Citroen and Ford. Whether you’re after a short wheelbase van to shift a couple of things from A to B, or you’re looking for the perfect long wheelbase van to move heavy loads for exceptionally long distances, we’ll be able to provide exactly what you need here at Intack Self Drive. 

Trying to narrow down the best van which suits your purposes? That’s where we can help. With almost half a century of experience behind us, over all our decades in business here at Intack we’ve served a varied mix of private and commercial customers, so you can rely on us to provide as much or as little help as you need - whether it’s off-the-cuff answers to quick fire questions, or more in-depth advice that’s tailored to your specific requirements and circumstances.

Leading Car Rental Services in Chorley

When you come to hire a car in Chorley, we want to make sure that everything is as simple and easy for you as possible. That’s why we make sure to provide you with a wide range of choice between over 300 vehicles, all available at amazing prices. This means you can choose your favourites between manual and automatic cars, larger luxury cars and even small city cars for rent - so whatever you need them for, we’ll be able to supply you with a car that suits you. 

And if you ever need any help in deciding which car is best suited to what you’ve got in mind, don’t hesitate to let us know. We have decades of specialist expertise behind us, with experience in catering to private individuals, SMEs and large businesses alike - so you can trust us to make solid recommendations firmly based on what we think would work best for you. 

Flexi Car & Van Hire in Chorley

We’ve designed our flexi car hire and flexi van hire services to give you the freedom to hire a vehicle for a longer period that suits you, and all at a reduced rate compared to daily or weekly car hire prices. Our minimum hire period is only 28 days, so after that elapses, you’re free to return the vehicle at a time that suits you. That means you’re not tied into any of the long-term commitments or hefty short-term costs that would often come with a traditional lease. Plus, you can renew (or ‘roll over’) the contract as many times as you like, so you can return the car, van or minibus at a time and date that suits you. 

Our flexible car hire prices start at just £49 per week. This encompasses all service and maintenance costs, as well as 24 hour breakdown cover. We also provide a manufacturer’s warranty as standard, so you can always have complete confidence that we’ve got your back. So whether you’re a private customer using flexi car hire for personal transport, or a business owner using flexible van hire to shift assets or staff from one job site to another, we’ll be able to help with exactly what you need. 

FAQs section

You can find the full list of common queries on our most Frequently Asked Questions page, but here are some quick fire answers for you. 

How old do I need to be to hire a car or van?

When you hire a car or van from us here at Intack, we do ask that you are at least 25 years old. Drivers of large cars will need to be over 30 years of age. If you’ve ever tried to hire a car anywhere else before, you’ll tend to find that you need to be at least 23 years old to hire a car anywhere in the UK, and you’ll need to have held a full driving licence for at least 12 months. If you’re hiring a car from abroad though, the rules can differ slightly, as age restrictions can vary from country to country. 

How old do I need to be to hire a minibus?

We’ll need you to be over 25 years old to hire a minibus with anything between 9 and 12 seats, and with at least 2 years of driving experience behind you. If you want to hire an even bigger minibus, like a 17 seater, you’ll need to have the D1 category on your licence, or passed your test before January 1997.

What happens when I bring a rental car back early?

If you return your vehicle early, you’ll receive a full refund on any full days that you’ve not used. If you’re using our Flexi Hire service, you can return the vehicle at any time you like after the first 28 days - that’s why it’s FLEXible! Feel free to ask for more details when you talk to one of our repre­sen­ta­tives.