Leading Vehicle Hire Company in Stockport

With around 50 years of history in the business and an impressive fleet of more than 300 vehicles, if you’re in search of the best vehicle hire company covering Stockport then look no further than Intack Self Drive. We make sure to keep a great range of vehicles available at fantastic prices, which means that whether you’re in the market for daily, weekly, short-term hire or long-term hire around Stockport, you can enjoy great value. We’re also open 7 days a week, including 9am-5pm on Sundays, providing our customers with convenience and flexibility.

We also have a unique vehicle hire option in our Flexi Hire service. This allows you to hire a car, van or minibus for longer periods at reduced rates compared to daily hire – making it perfect for those of you who might not be sure about how long you intend to hire a vehicle for.

Low Cost Van Hire covering Stockport

With our van rental services around Stockport we have a commitment to providing only the best value for our customers, this is why you can find a variety of leading makes models and sizes at great prices for short-term and long-term rentals alike. So, whether you’re looking for a Citroen Berlingo, a Ford Transit or one of the many short wheelbase or long wheelbase vans we provide from leading manufacturers, we’re confident you’ll find what you need with us.

Whatever your preferences, we also provide a premium level of customer support and are proud to have 50 years of service behind us. During this time, we’ve served everyone from private individuals to big businesses, answering queries and assisting them any way we can. So if you do have any questions or you want some advice on which vehicles will be right for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Leading Car Rental Services covering Stockport

With our car hire services covering Stockport we also have a wide range of choice, great prices, and of course, outstanding customer service. What’s more, our fleet encompasses a wide range of cars which again feature many top manufacturers, as well as different specs, trims and styles. This means that if you want a luxury hire car, a nimble car for busy city roads, a smart but practical hatchback or a comfy automatic SUV, your driving needs will be covered.

Much like all our leasing options, if you need a bit of help, our experts have decades of specialist expertise to help whoever you are, from individuals, to families or small businesses. Their knowledge and friendly approach will be just what you need to make sure you pick the right hire car for you.

Flexi Car & Van Hire covering Stockport

Our convenient flexi car hire and flexi van hire services give you the freedom to hire a vehicle for a longer period that suits you, and all at a reduced rate compared to daily or weekly car hire prices. The minimum hire period is just 28 days, and after this time you can simply return the vehicle at a time that suits you. That means there aren’t any long-term commitments nor are there any of the hefty short-term costs you can get with a traditional lease. On top of this, you can renew (or ‘roll over’) your contract as many times as you like, so you’ve always got as much time as you need.

The prices for our flexi car hire and flexi van hire start at just £49 per week. This accounts for all service and maintenance costs, as well as 24-hour breakdown cover and manufacturer’s warranty all as standard – in other words, this cost has you safe and covered.

FAQs section

You may want to view our full list of the most-common queries we get about our services on our Frequently Asked Questions page. But to give you an idea of the types of questions included, here are a few examples:

Do I need insurance to rent a car?

All rental cars come with some level of insurance - they have to, in order to be legally drivable! This insurance usually takes the form of third-party cover at the very least, and you’ll also have the option to purchase a Collision Damage Waiver, which lowers your deposit. However, companies usually offer extra incentives if you use your own insurance - personally, we offer a 20% discount here at Intack Self Drive.

Do you provide one-way hires?

No. All vehicles do need to be returned to our Blackburn depot. Collection can be pre-arranged from your home/work address if you are local and the collection will be during weekday office hours.

Can I hire a sat nav?

We don’t provide separate satellite navigation here at Intack Self Drive (partially because many cars come with their own integrated sat navs these days anyway). We’re not alone in that - sat navs are not typically included in hire agreements, so car rental companies may or may not provide one. If they do, like car seats, they’re likely to be provided with reasonably high rental rates. It’s also worth bearing in mind that many European countries have laws against sat navs which detect radar speed traps, so if you’re going abroad you’ll need to keep that in mind. (In Portugal, for example, it’s illegal to own a sat nav at all, regardless of whether or not you’re using it!)