Leading Vehicle Hire Company in Darwen

Leading Vehicle Hire Company in Darwen

With over 50 years of experience behind us, Intack Self Drive is a leading vehicle hire company in Darwen. We specialise in providing vans, cars and minibuses at unbeatable prices, with an excellent customer service to match. Our fleet consists of over 300 vehicles, which are available for daily, weekly, short and long term hire - so no matter what reasons you have for hiring a vehicle in Darwen, we have exactly what you’re looking for.

And if you need your vehicle for a little longer, that’s no problem either - our Flexi Hire service may be exactly what you need! As a great cost-effective alternative to contract hire, it’s designed to let you hire a car, van or minibus for a longer period at reduced rates.

Low Cost Van Hire in Darwen

If you’re looking to hire a van in Darwen, we offer exceptionally competitive prices for short and long term rentals. Our fleet of over 300 vehicles includes a wide range of vans to rent, spanning an array of makes, models and sizes. Whether you’re looking to rent a van with a short wheelbase to get a few small things from A to B, or you need a long wheelbase van for large-scale jobs, you won’t be short of choice here at Intack.

If you’ve got any questions or you need any advice, our experts are only too happy to give you all the help you need. Throughout our 45 years in business, we’ve always been focused on providing a flawless van hire service to all of our customers, from private individuals to large corporations we'll look after you.

Leading Car Rental Services in Darwen

With 45 years of experience in the car rental business, we’ve made sure that it’s as easy and simple as possible for you to hire a car in Darwen. Customers choose Intack time and again not just for our amazing prices, but also for the huge range of choice we have available. Amongst our fleet of over 300 vehicles, you’ll find manual and automatic cars, larger luxury cars and even small city cars for rent - so wherever you’re driving and whatever you’re driving for, you’ll be able to rent a car that suits you.

If you need a bit of help in deciding which car’s best for you, our specialist car hire expertise means that we’re in the perfect position to lend a helping hand. Over the years, our customers have included all types of businesses and private individuals, so you can trust us to tailor our advice to your own specific circumstances and requirements.

Flexi Car & Van Hire in Darwen

Our flexi car hire and flexi van hire services are designed with one key aim in mind - to give you the freedom to hire a vehicle for a longer period that suits you, and at a reduced rate compared to daily or weekly car hire prices. The minimum hire period is just 28 days, and after that you can return the vehicle at a time that suits you.

This means you don’t need to worry about tying yourself into a long term commitment, like you would with a lease. We’ve got deals for everyone, and our prices start from just £49 per week. This covers all service and maintenance costs, the manufacturer’s warranty, and 24 hour breakdown cover - so you can rest easy in the knowledge that we’re always looking out for you.

With both our flexible car hire and flexible van hire services, you also get the same broad range of choice between individual vehicles - so you can take your pick between long wheelbase or short wheelbase vans, luxury saloon vehicles or handy estate cars. Whether you’re a business owner looking to cut down on the cost of fleet vehicles, or a private customer looking to rent a vehicle at the end of a contract term, our flexi hire might just be exactly what you need.

FAQs section

Can I rent a car with only cash?

No. We require payment on a card in the drivers name for at least the deposit, preferably for the deposit and the hire charges.

Do I need insurance to rent a car?

Obviously, every type of rental vehicle needs some form of insurance to be legal on the roads, so here at Intack we provide all types of insurance cover - and at great rates, too! We also provide the option of a Collision Damage Waiver, which allows you to lower your deposit. If you’re able to rent a car on your own fully comprehensive insurance (not everyone is) then we offer extra incentives - such as a 20% discount when you hire a vehicle from us!

What do I need to hire a rental car?

Before you hire a vehicle from us you’ll need to make sure you have a valid Photocard licence, if you have the old Paper licence then you will also need a valid Photo ID (Passport or other photo ID) and a valid credit or debit card. If you are a previous hirer you’ll also need at least one proof of address, (credit card/bank statement, utility bill) dated within the last three months, you’ll need two if you’re a new customer, or if you’ve moved addresses since you last hired from us.

What happens when I bring a rental car back early?

If you return your vehicle early you will receive a refund on any full days that you haven't used, similarly if you’re using our Flexi Hire service after the first 28 days you can return the vehicle at any point it is totally FLEXIble,­ feel free to ask for more details when you talk to one of our repre­sen­ta­tives.