Leading Vehicle Hire Company covering Blackpool

Now with around 50 years of experience behind us here at Intack, we’ve spent decades building up our reputation as the leading vehicle hire specialists covering Blackpool. With a wealth of in-house expertise at our disposal, we can offer you a wide range of choice across a fleet of well over 300 vehicles, spanning cars, vans and minibuses all available at unbeatable prices. So, whether you’re looking for daily hire, weekly hire, short-term or long-term hire, you can trust us to have all the vehicles and information you’ll ever need. We’re open 7 days a week, including 9am-5pm on Sundays - and no matter what day it is, we’re committed to providing a truly unrivalled customer service. If you’re sure quite how long you might need your hire vehicle for, or if you’re after the very best deals on long term hires, then our Flexi Hire service might be just the thing. In a nutshell, it provides a useful alternative to contract hire and leasing - which basically means you can hire a car, van or minibus for longer periods at reduced rates!

Low Cost Van Hire covering Blackpool

We offer particularly competitive rates when it comes to van rental in Blackpool, as we know it’s always going to be one of the biggest deciding factors for you. You’ll find options from world-leading names like Ford, Volkswagen and Citroen amongst our range, and you can take your pick from an array of models and sizes. Whether you’re eyeing up a large wheelbase van to help you move larger loads across long distances, or you’re weighing up a smaller van to help you get smaller loads to closer destinations, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for here at Intack Self Drive. And if you’ve ever got any questions or you need a bit more detail on any aspect of van hire in Blackpool, don’t hesitate to ask us. We’ve now got around half a century of history to our name, and throughout all that time we’ve been providing flawless customer service to private individuals and business customers alike.

Leading Car Rental Services covering Blackpool

When you come to hire a car in Blackpool, we know you’ll want everything to be as fast, simple and easy as possible - so we put our decades of experience to good use in providing a service that’s just that! Our 300-strong fleet encompasses a range of cars all available at truly unbeatable prices, including manuals and automatics, smaller city runabouts and larger luxury cars. Whatever your destination, or plans for when you’re behind the wheel, we’re committed to making sure car rental has never been easier! If you’ve got any questions for us, or you need any specific advice about car hire, we’re always on hand to help. We have a wealth of experience with both private and business customers, so whether you’re inquiring on behalf of your employer, or you just need a couple of answers for yourself, that’s exactly what we’re here to provide!

Flexi Car & Van Hire covering Blackpool

Our flexi hire service is exactly what it sounds like. It’s essentially designed to give you the freedom and flexibility to hire a car for longer periods - months or even years at a time - while working out to reduced rates compared to daily or weekly hire. It’s got multiple advantages over a traditional lease; crucially, it doesn’t tie you into any long-term commitments or hefty short term costs. Instead, the minimum hire period is just 28 days. As soon as that’s elapsed, you can renew (or ‘roll over’) the contract as many times as you’d like. Ultimately, that allows you to return your car, van or minibus to us at a time that suits you. Our flexible car hire prices start at only £49 per week. That covers all service and maintenance costs, 24 hour breakdown cover, and the manufacturer’s warranty. That’s all provided as standard, so you can always have complete confidence that we’ve got your back, wherever you are on the roads. So whether you’re a private customer catering to some malleable personal arrangements, or a business owner looking to shift assets or staff between sites (or solve a grey fleet problem) - you can count on Intack Self Drive to have exactly what you need.

FAQs section

You can find the full list of common queries on our most Frequently Asked Questions page, but here are some quick fire answers for you.

How old do I need to be to hire a car or van

We’ll need you to be over 25 years old to hire a minibus with anything between 9 and 12 seats, and with 2 years of driving experience (minimum) under your belt. If you’re considering hiring an even bigger minibus, like a 17 seater, we’ll need to ensure that you have the D1 category on your licence, or that you passed your test before January 1997.

What happens when I bring a rental car back early?

If you bring back your vehicle early, we’ll give you a full refund on any days that you didn’t end up using. And if you’re using our Flexi Hire service, you’re free to return the vehicle at any time you like after the first 28 days have elapsed - that’s why we call it FLEXible! By all means ask for more details when you talk to one of our repre­sen­ta­tives.

What happens if I damage a rental car?

To be honest, the answer to that depends on exactly what bit of the car has been damaged, and to what extent. Most car rental companies will charge you a standard excess to repair certain types of damage. Here at Intack Self Drive, we give you the option to lower this excess from £750 to £95 if you purchase a Loss Damage Waiver. (It’s optional, but it does lower your holding deposit from £500 to £100.) Just make sure to bear in mind that the LDW doesn’t cover all types of damage. So if the roof ends up taking a nasty knock for example, you’ll probably end up paying for repairs.