Leading Vehicle Hire Company in Colne

Looking for the best vehicle hire company covering Colne? You’re in exactly the right place. With around 50 years of history to our name here at Intack Self Drive, we have a fleet of more than 300 vehicles to choose from, all available at truly fantastic prices. We’re open 7 days a week, including 9am-5pm on Sundays, so whether you’re looking for daily, weekly, short term hire or long term hire in Colne, you can count on us to have all the vehicles and expertise you need. 

Plus, if you’re looking for the best deals on long-term hires, or you’re not 100% certain exactly how long you might need your vehicle for, then we might have just the thing for you in the form of our Flexi Hire service. Essentially, this provides a useful alternative to contract hire and leasing by allowing you to hire a car, van or minibus for longer periods at reduced rates compared to daily hire. 

Low Cost Van Hire covering Colne

We know that price tends to be one of the key deciding factors when you’re looking at van rental services around Colne, so we make sure to offer highly competitive prices for short term and long term rentals alike. Our fleet of 300 vehicles encompasses vans in a wide variety of leading makes, models and sizes, including the Ford Transit, Volkswagen Transporter, and Citroen Berlingo. Whether you need a short wheelbase van for zipping a few bits and pieces across town, or you’re looking for a long wheelbase van to transport items in greater quantities or bulk, rest assured that we’ll have exactly what you’re after here at Intack Self Drive. 

And if you’ve got any questions, or you need a bit more in-depth advice, our experts are here to help. With around half a century of history behind us, we’ve got decades of experience in providing flawless customer service to private customers, SMEs and larger corporations alike. 

Leading Car Rental Services covering Colne

If you choose us for car hire services covering Colne, you can rest assured of a wide range of choice, great prices, and of course, outstanding customer service. Our fleet includes various cars to suit all purposes, budgets and environments, ranging from manuals to automatics, large luxury cars to nimble city cars. Whatever you’re planning on driving, and whatever the reasons why, you can rely on us to have exactly what you need at Intack. 

And if you need a bit of help or guidance narrowing down your choices, don’t hesitate to ask. Our experts have decades of specialist expertise at our disposal, so we’re in the perfect position to lend a helping hand - whether you’re a private customer, or a commercial buyer looking to expand your business fleet. 

Flexi Car & Van Hire covering Colne

Looking for something with a bit more flexibility? No problem. We’ve designed our flexi car hire and flexi van hire services to give you the freedom to hire a vehicle for a longer period that suits you, and all at a reduced rate compared to daily or weekly car hire prices. Our minimum hire period is just 28 days, and after that time elapses, you can return the vehicle whenever you like. That spares you from getting tied down to any of the long-term commitments or hefty short-term costs that would often come with a traditional lease. Plus, you’re free to renew (or ‘roll over’) your contract as many times as you like, so you’ve always got as much time as you need. 

Our flexible car hire prices start at just £49 per week. That figure encompasses all service and maintenance costs, as well as 24 hour breakdown cover. We also provide a manufacturer’s warranty as standard, so that you can always have complete confidence that we’ve got your back. Whether you’re a private customer using flexi hire to keep yourself on the move, or you’re a business user looking to shift cargo (or staff) between job sites, you can rely on us to provide the best prices, and truly unrivalled service. 

FAQs section

You can find the full list of common queries on our most Frequently Asked Questions page, but here are some quickfire answers for you. 

Can I rent a car with only cash?

No. When you hire a car from us here at Intack Self Drive, we’ll need payment on a card in the driver’s name for the deposit at the very least, and preferably for both the deposit and hire charges. 

Can I rent a car without a credit card?

Yes, but bear in mind that you’ll still need to pay the deposit on a debit card. It’s worth double-checking in advance that you have indeed got enough money to cover the deposit, as it can be frustrating when you get to the front desk to find that your transaction gets automatically rejected. Here at Intack, we’re amongst the many car hire companies that do accept payments by debit card… but not everyone does though, so take care to double-check before you come to book!

Can I hire a sat nav?

We don’t provide separate sat navs here at Intack Self Drive, especially since many modern cars come integrated with these sorts of technologies anyway. If you’re taking your car abroad, it’s worth remembering that different countries may well have different laws about satellite navigation systems, so check before you travel!