5 reasons to hire a vehicle for your next family holiday

5 reasons to hire a vehicle for your next family holiday

Planning a family holiday involves careful consideration of various factors, and one crucial decision involves choosing the right transportation method for you. While public transportation and taxis are options, hiring a vehicle offers numerous advantages that can greatly enhance your family vacation experience. So, whether you’re visiting the UK for the first time, or you’re a local looking for a dependable transport method to save you from using your own vehicle, here at Intack Self Drive we’ve got five compelling reasons why hiring a vehicle with us through our hassle-free daily hire and Flexi hire services is the best option for your next family holiday. 

Freedom and flexibility

One of the primary benefits of hiring a vehicle is the freedom and flexibility it provides. Having your own vehicle allows you to set your own itinerary and explore your destination at your own pace, which is more difficult when you’re relying on public transportation schedules or the availability of taxis. With your own vehicle you can visit off-the-beaten-path attractions, take spontaneous detours, and create unforgettable memories as a family without being tied to fixed schedules. After all, that’s what holidays are all about!

Convenience and comfort

Convenience and comfort are essential factors to keep in mind when you’re travelling with the family. Hiring a vehicle ensures that you have ample space for everyone, including luggage, strollers, and other necessary items. You won't have to worry about navigating crowded public transportation with young children or managing transfers between different modes of transport. Plus, you can control the temperature, play your preferred music, and create a comfortable environment that suits your family's needs. We offer a wide range of minibuses for hire, including 5-seater and 6-seater Volkswagen Kombi crew vans, and 9-seater, 12-seater and 17-seater minibuses. These minibuses are available for short-term daily and weekly rental, so whatever your plans, you can rest assured that we’ll have a minibus to suit your needs.


Hiring a vehicle with us is both hassle-free and cost-effective option, particularly for larger families. When you compare the costs of purchasing individual tickets for public transportation or paying for multiple taxi rides, hiring a vehicle can often save you money in the long run. Additionally, having your own vehicle eliminates the need for expensive airport transfers, especially if you're traveling to multiple destinations during your holiday. It really is a win-win!

Convenience for sightseeing

A family holiday usually involves exploring multiple attractions and sightseeing spots, and having a hired vehicle can simplify this process by making it easier to visit various destinations efficiently. It allows you to plan your itinerary strategically, visit attractions in any order you prefer, and spend more time enjoying the sights rather than waiting for buses or trains. This flexibility ensures that you can maximise your time and cover more ground, ensuring a rewarding experience for the entire family.

Family bonding and shared experiences

One of the greatest advantages to hiring a vehicle for your family holiday is the opportunity for enhanced bonding and shared experiences. Traveling together in a vehicle provides a unique chance for conversations, playing games, and enjoying each other's company throughout the journey, which you wouldn’t get from being spread out in multiple taxis or public transport seats. It allows you to create lasting memories and share a laugh as you embark on an exciting adventure together. You can’t put a price on those kinds of memories.

So, if you’re planning your next family holiday, carefully consider the advantages of hiring a vehicle. With your own vehicle, you can embark on unforgettable adventures, explore your destination on your terms, and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. So, if you’re looking for the best car hire, or minibus hire deals to make your holiday a hit with the whole family, rest assured we can help. 

Here at Intack Self Drive, we’ve been providing our customers with easy and reliable van hirecar hire and minibus hire for more than 30 years. All of our rental vehicles come with the option to rent through daily hire, or our outstanding Flexi hire service, so wherever your intended destination, and whatever the task, we’ll have a vehicle that suits your requirements. Ready to get started? You can browse the best hire deals right here on our site, or give us a call on 01254 57811!

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