Our round up of the 3 best small vans of 2022

Our round up of the 3 best small vans of 2022

Small vans have always provided great value for money, and all their latest technological developments (coupled with an increasingly competitive marketplace) mean that they’re more reliable and desirable than ever. They’re really cheap to service, fuel and insure, making them the perfect choice for one-man-band tradespeople. We’ve always appreciated the practicality and ingenuity of small vans here at Intack Self Drive, so we’ve compiled a list of the very best small vans that you can purchase right now.

No.3 - Renault Kangoo

As far as value for money is concerned, the Renault Kangoo has always been a really great option for those looking for a cost-effective way of getting their hands on a small van. The new Kangoo features a range of new technological innovations that help to increase the value of the van. A better safety system, a cleaner engine and slightly larger proportions, (on both the standard wheelbase or long-wheelbase options) are all features which add to the allure of the Kangoo as a practical, safe bet when it comes to reliable small vans.

No.2 - VW Caddy Cargo

The kind of quality that Volkswagen have implemented into the design of this van wouldn’t look out of place in its car range. There are a few versions available for purchase of the 2022 incarnation of this van, including a short-wheelbase version, and the larger Maxi with Commerce and Commerce Pro trim levels available on both. If you’re looking to add a bit of luxury, you could always upgrade to a Commerce Pro model, which features a 10-inch sat-nav system, body-coloured door handles, LED rear lights and parking sensors.

No.1 - Citroen Berlingo

Said to be the spiritual successor to small vans such as the 2CV Van and Visa-based C15, the Berlingo is a long been one of the big players in the small van arena for a fair few now, and it’s easy to see why! The latest Berlingo model is a significant upgrade on its predecessor, as it incorporates a lot of technological features from the Citroen passenger car range to boost safety and increase user friendliness for drivers. What’s more, the new Berlingo also features a low floor which helps massively with loading, and the lowest payload rating for the Berlingo is 667kg. It’s a heck of a machine, and that’s why it’s topped our list!

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