Our top 3 tips to help you prevent the theft of your van

Our top 3 tips to help you prevent the theft of your van

Whether you’re a fleet manger or a private van owner, security is bound to be high on your list of priorities. Research suggests that van theft rose 81% between 2015 and 2019 and, by 2030, that figure is expected to double. So, it makes sense that so many van owners are investing in security measures and brushing up on best practices to protect their assets. It’s also a key priority of ours at Intack Self Drive, as specialists in van hire, car hire and minibus hire.

So whether you’re driving your own van or you’ve hired one of ours, here are some top tips to help you keep it safe.

Lock your doors

Starting with an obvious one - it’s really important to remember to lock all the doors and windows of your van every time you leave it. Even if you’re only away from it for a few minutes, locking the doors will serve as your first line of defence against would-be thieves. What’s more, if you’re storing valuable tools, materials and equipment in your van, locking your doors will help to reduce the likelihood that your gear gets stolen. If possible, we’d advise storing your valuable equipment in a different location, like a lock box in your garage.

Park in well-lit, exposed areas with lots of passers-by

A motion activated light is a great way of deterring potential thieves from stealing your van. Thieves are opportunists, and the vast majority use the cover of darkness as a way of cloaking themselves from the eyes of those in the immediate area. You can better protect your assets by installing motion activated lighting on your premises, whether that’s on your driveway or your fleet yard. For added protection, consider parking with your back doors up against a wall so that no opportunist thieves can easily access them. That way, any tools or materials you’ve got stored in your van are better protected.

Install some security bollards

Security bollards are probably the best investment you can make if you’re looking to protect your vehicle from theft. If you own a commercial business, then security bollards by the entrance to your yard will serve as a barrier against vehicle thieves. Even if someone does manage to start up your vehicle, then there’s no chance of them getting through a sturdy set of security bollards. The same logic can be applied to your driveway - you can purchase security posts that you can place in-front of your driveway to protect your vehicle from theft.

These tips are a great place to start but if you’re looking to add more security features, consider wheel locks, steering wheel locks, and CCTV. There’s no such thing as over-protection when it comes to your van! However, should the worst happen and your van does get stolen, we make it really easy for you to rent a vehicle with us to get you back on the road.

All of our rental vehicles come with the option to rent through our daily hire, or our unique Flexi hire services, so whatever your needs, we’ll have a vehicle that suits your requirements. We’ve got almost half a century of car hireminibus hire and van hire experience under our belt , and we’re always here to help. Ready to get started? You can browse the best hire deals right here on our site, or give us a call on 01254 57811!

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