We've seen a surge of interest in our new electric van range!

We've seen a surge of interest in our new electric van range!

For more than 50 years now here at Intack Self Drive, we’ve been providing businesses and private customers all across the North West with affordable, reliable car hire and van hire. Throughout all those decades, we’ve always taken care to move with the times, constantly adapting to ensure that we’re always providing you with the very best standard of service.

It's that ethos that’s led us to introduce our new electric van hire range! With electric vehicles becoming ever more prevalent on our roads (amid ongoing climate change concerns), growing numbers of businesses are looking at how to integrate EVs into their fleets – so we’re happy to help in that mission however we can here at Intack. Here’s a bit more about what you can expect from our newest range, and how it’ll benefit you.What’s behind the launch of our new EV range?

Quite simply, electric vehicles have a major part to play in the future of motoring. Obviously, there’s a lot of discussion at the moment about exactly how big that role will be, and how long it is until they’ll make up the majority of vehicles on our roads.

Whatever your opinions about their viability on a grand scale, there’s no doubting their utility on a smaller scale for short journeys or last-mile trips. They’re highly reliable and notably efficient – and best of all, with electric car rental, you can enjoy all the benefits without worrying about high purchase prices, which is one of the only major downsides associated with them at the moment.

What electric vehicles are included?

Right now we’re starting small with our electric vehicle range, with a view to expanding it according to customer demand – with one large van, one small van, and a car in the form of the Hyundai Ioniq. As with all electric vehicles, you’ll need to take their range into account when you’re sizing them up for jobs, but if your mileage is about 100 miles a day (or less), you may well find you can easily manage with a Battery Electric Vehicle.

We know that there’s still a lot of uncertainty surrounding electric vehicles at the moment, especially from trade customers, who are already under pressure to make major fleet overhauls in the next few years. We’re therefore keeping our selection small initially, and keeping our main focus on petrol and diesel powered vehicles. That means you’ve still got plenty of options to stick with hiring the vehicles that work for you, but it also means you get the opportunity to use our range of electric vehicles to “try before you buy”. That essentially means using our EVs as a risk-free trial for your everyday operations before deciding whether you’d like to invest the capital in buying your own to serve as permanent additions to your fleet.

We’ve already been getting plenty of positive feedback from our customers using them for last-mile trips, and you can expect our EVs to ultimately be integrated into our Flexi Hire offering too. We’re continuing to focus on keeping an open mind about when and how to diversify our range – as with all predictions about the state of future markets, there’s an element of educated guesswork involved, but you can always count on us to maintain our adaptable approach. Ultimately, our priority is on continuing to deliver the outstanding standard of service we’ve come to be known for – whatever that looks like a few years down the line!

Our electric vehicles are joining a fleet now spans over 450 carsvans, and minibuses – so if you’re a business user looking for vehicles to meet your company requirements, or just a private customer looking for a personal vehicle for short-term use, you can count on us to have exactly the right vehicle at exactly the right price. Feel free to give us a call on 01254 57811, and we’ll be happy to help however we can!

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