What makes the Fiat 500 the perfect city car?

What makes the Fiat 500 the perfect city car?

If you’ve already taken a look through our flexi car hire categories, you’ll have already seen the options we have to offer - large cars, medium cars, small cars and city cars. You might think that small cars would be the smallest vehicles we offer, but actually that honour goes to city cars. The name is quite straigh­tforward; they’re so named because of the performance they’re able to offer in tight urban environments (and also because calling them ‘tiny cars’ would be a little silly). The Fiat 500 is typically the city car customers choose here at Intack Self Drive - it’s long been one of the best selling city cars on the market - and let’s be honest, it looks pretty cool too! So, what makes it such a universally good city car?

It’s highly economical

The Fiat 500 is distinguished by its famously frugal engines, not to mention its overall low running costs (which is currently making this humble little automobile an especially attractive option to customers being affected by Brexit uncertainty). When considered together with the free maintenance package we offer as part of our services here at Intack Self Drive, it’s easy to see why it’s a hugely cost effective option for businesses looking to get more mobile, or expand their fleet. 

The Fiat 500 particularly excels at making multiple short trips to nearby locations, which makes it a popular car for salespeople or business development managers visiting local clients. (For longer trips afield, it’s sometimes worth considering the medium cars or large cars we offer here at Intack instead, as they typically even more comfortable for staff spending a longer time on the roads.)

Its handling and size

Let’s start with the obvious bit right off the bat - the compact size of the Fiat 500 makes it an absolute dream to park in crowded town centres or busy urban environments - both areas which can be a nightmare for parking spaces. That means less chance of having to literally go round the houses as you try and find a place to leave your car, getting progressively more late for your meeting with every passing minute. 

As well as the parking advantages, the Fiat 500 is also supremely easy to drive, with light and responsive steering that allows it to easily navigate tight residential roads, heavy traffic and roadworks. It also provides great visibility to the drive, with curved A-pillars that do a great job of staying mostly out of your line of sight as you turn. 

It's reliable

Even though, as we’ve touched upon, we take care of maintenance issues here at Intack, reliability is still (understandably) a major sticking point for many of our customers. Happily, it’s here that the Fiat 500 excels. It performs perfectly well from a mechanical point of view, and it also keeps things relatively basic in terms of in car tech. 

Brand new car tech is always exciting, but as some of the biggest brands have found to their cost, it can sometimes emerge with bugs or glitches which then affect the wider electrical system, resulting in an inevitable trip to the garage and affecting the car’s reliability as a whole. The Fiat 500 keeps it simple, keeps it functional, and keeps it dependable. Of course, that’s not to say it doesn’t come with several little extra perks, such as Bluetooth connectivity - ideal for when you’re on the move!

As the final cherry on a very convenient little cake, its chirpy aesthetics have been charming customers for years now. The Fiat 500 first appeared on the scene back in 2007, and since then it’s only undergone a few minor design changes, with its fun, lively appearance remaining intact. Sure, it’s probably not going to sway your decision as much as the other factors on this list, but it’s always a neat little bonus!

Still not sure? No problem - one of the great things about flexi hire is that there are no long term commitments. That means you can trial the vehicle for the 28-day minimum hire period, and if you find it doesn’t suit you then you can easily swap it out for another from our range. You can browse through our various options for flexi car hire right here on our website, or if you need any questions answered or specific advice, feel free to give us a call on 01254 57811 - we’re always happy to help!

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