What’s the most likely time to have an accident?

What’s the most likely time to have an accident?

When considering the times of day most likely for accidents, many people would probably guess that rush hours - either in the morning or evening - are the riskiest. It seems logical, right? Everyone piling onto the roads to and from work sounds like a recipe for a heightened risk of collisions or road accidents. Surprisingly, though, this isn't the case.

If you’re driving one of our hire cars or vans whether it be via Flexi hire or daily hire, you might be wondering when the best time to avoid hitting the road is, or if you’ve had an accident during a busy period and you’re now looking for a replacement vehicle while yours is in the garage, you’ve come to the right place. At Intack Self Drive, we’ve got you covered with a wide selection of vehicles on offer that you can drive out of our premises the same day! But, before we get into our hire offers, let’s discuss when to avoid the road if possible, or when to be a bit more cautious.

So, when is the most likely time to have an accident?

According to insurer Aviva, the most likely time for car crashes is the afternoon school run (between 2pm and 4pm), with one in every four accidents taking place at this time.

More specifically, Fridays between 3pm and 3:15pm is the most accident-prone time - believe it or not. What’s more, this time slot has consistently been the peak for car crashes since 2020, with data published in late 2023 showing no decline!

While this 15-minute window seems to be the most likely time to have an accident, that doesn't mean that the hours leading up to and after this time slot are risk-free; in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

According to Aviva, the top five times you're most likely to have a car accident are as follows. It's worth noting that this applies to every day of the week, although Friday appears to pose a higher risk:

  • First highest: 3pm - 3:15pm (on a Friday)
  • Second highest: 2pm - 2:15pm.
  • Third highest: 4pm - 4:15pm.
  • Fourth highest: 1pm - 1:15pm.
  • Fifth highest: 11am - 11:15am

As you can see from this data, the morning and evening rush hours don't really factor in! That, and the fact that mornings seem to present less of a risk of an accident happening, with only a single morning slot making it into the top five, coming in fifth place.

Why is this the most accident-prone time?

To put it simply, the end of the school day leads to an influx of traffic around schools as parents rush to pick up their children. Usually, there’s not enough space for everyone to park, which can make the surrounding areas more congested. This rush, combined with tiredness after the work day and trying to focus on a few things at once, can lead to reduced focus and slower reaction times, raising the risk of accidents.

Insights from surveys show that 16% of school participants have observed a collision. What’s more, a significant number of these people have experienced incidents or encountered poor parking, undoubtedly brought on by time pressure and the fact that it’s a high-stress and busy situation, with a staggering 1 in 4 school-run drivers openly admitting to being pressed for time. All of this together creates a recipe for a risky road situation.

If you're now wondering how to navigate these treacherous time slots without accidents, the answer is:take your time and be extra vigilant on the roads.

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