Ford Transit Van Tops Most Wanted List


Tracker devices are used to identify the location of fleet vehicles and their drivers. Research has shown however that a massive 93.1% of drivers are happy to have some sort of tracker device fitted so that it could be used by police should the vehicle be stolen!

Believe it or not a total of around 300 vehicles are stolen in the UK every single day, this means that every 5 minutes a car or van is stolen! However most worryingly only half of these vehicles ever get recovered but if a tracking device had been fitted then 90% could have been reunited with their owner.

Top of the most wanted list believe it or not is the Ford Transit van, unfortunately these are the most common to be stolen. Maybe it is that the thieves hope for something inside them such as expensive tools, equipment or larger objects which could prove to be good for flogging on!

Half the thefts committed were when the vehicle was actually at the owners home, 17.6% of these were via burglary in order to get the keys! Always make sure that you do not leave keys to a vehicle within site so on window ledges or kitchen worktops etc make sure they are hidden or hung up out of sight!

One third of the vehicles which are stolen on a daily basis were away from the vehicle owners home, 4% made by opportunist thieves where keys were left within easy reach or just simply left for enough period of time for them to grab and go! It is for this reason you should keep your vehicle keys safe at all times. Never leave them say on a table in a pub when you go to the bar, toilet or even to speak to someone.

But it is not just about tracking down stolen vehicles the system also helps to track down the thief. As a result 2,000 vehicle thieves have been caught red handed; tracking devices can mean the difference between having a stolen vehicle and its contents returned to you safe or having to file an insurance claim.

Some top tips from Intack...

Always remember keep your car keys out of sight even in your homes and if you have a garage, store your car out of sight in there when possible. With the summer weather finally here ensure that keys aren’t easily accessible through open windows. Lock your car whenever you leave it, even for unloading and never leave the keys in whilst you go and drop something off elsewhere.

Depending on how your car is stolen will depend on whether or not your insurance is valid – for example if you left it open with the keys in the ignition even for a split second then your insurance is void.

Use your common sense, you know where it is safe to park your car and where is not. For the sake of paying a few pounds you may as well place it on a secure car park rather than down some dingy side street.

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21st July 2011, 9:45