2020 Great British Staycation

2020 Great British Staycation

With the Covid-19 pandemic not only closing schools, shops and businesses but also entire countries many of us are now hoping to find our summer holiday right here in the uk, but with the uncertainty surrounding when exactly restrictions will be lifted and knowing how social distancing will be implemented post lockdown it is difficult to know if we’ll be able to holiday at all. 


The British tourism industry is gearing up for a 4th of July reopening and campsites and camping websites are seeing an increase in bookings for July August and September already,  with the beautiful British coastline at your beckon call the possibilities are endless.


Family size tents can be big and bulky, throw in to that clothes, supplies and maybe the odd bottle of wine and space in your average compact car is soon at a premium!


Intack Self Drive have the perfect vehicles for your staycation, from estate cars to minibuses you can count on us to get you there in style.


If you want to load up the pushbikes/golf bags or fishing gear then our Six seat VW Kombi vans are just what you are looking for, spacious, comfortable and a drive as good as any modern car with all the space of a decent size van.


Check out our range vehicles by following the links below.




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